What is the best way to incorporate Citrine into your healing crystal collection? Find out now.

properties of citrine

What is Citrine?

Citrine is a Quartz stone

My First Crystal

The 13th anniversary stone, Citrine is a wonderful crystal to get started with and was the first stone that I found on my healing journey. I started out without a clue of what crystals were used for what healing purposes and I went searching for answers. I ended up on Google, which led me to an Amazon seller that sold bundles of crystals. I purchased the Chakra beginners pack. It came with seven stones to work with each Chakra and I was drawn to the raw citrine stone immediately.

What are Citrine’s Healing Properties?


Happiness | Prosperity | Generosity | Creativity | Pleasure | Protection | Strength | Alignment | Confidence | Stability | Moderation | Energy | Comfort | Success | Truth | Goodness | Warmth | Digestion | Assimilation | Enjoyment of life | Spiritual growth

Citrine is a sunshine stone. It is all about happiness and feeling good. Just picture how you could feel with some of the benefits of Citrine in your healing.

Happiness, confidence, stability, energy; that all sounds great and that’s exactly how I felt when I held that first piece of Citrine out of the Amazon bundle. I felt great! And, the more I held it and carried it with me, the better I felt! I found that I had more energy and my self confidence was boosted. Life just felt a little better.

Energize Every Level of Life with Citrine!

Citrine is also an amazing stone for physical ailments including:
– aiding in the treatment of Diabetes
– helping with digestive issues
– stimulating the Thyroid gland
– Helping with eye problems
– increasing blood circulation
– and detoxifying the blood!

How to incorporate Citrine into your healing process

In order to incorporate Citrine’s benefits into your life, you need to set your intention. Hold your Citrine in your dominant hand, close your eyes and envision yourself happier, with more self confidence and any other benefits that are associated with Citrine. Tell your beautiful stone what you want it to do for you. Let your intention travel from your lips to the stone and watch as it works wonders for you!




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